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Just Click Texas is a Just Click, Inc web site. 

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Texans have an unending love affair with their state.  No matter your race, religion, or gender, TEXANS are Texans first and absolutely love TEXAS!

From our amazing start with Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, the Alamo and the capture of Santa Anna at San Jacinto, to the 2007 Houston Live Stock and Rodeo, Texans are as loyal today as the day we won our independence in 1836.

Every Texan knows Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William Travis, and Captain Jack Hayes.

We have never been to sure about being part of the Union.  Not because we aren't proud to be an American, we are just that proud of being a Texan.

You can slam my ideas, my thoughts, my gender my car, my horse, and maybe.. maybe even my spouse ... BUT you better not slam Texas!

Texans say that TEXAS is "Like A Whole Other Country" .... because it is.

We take our high school sports more seriously than professional sports and we turn out more professionals than any one else.

A Texan is the most decorated soldier of World War II and we are proud of it.

A comedian jokes that there once was a Texan toilet paper but they had to get rid of it because it wouldn't take no crap off of anybody.

Real Texans say y'all and we are proud of it. It's a Texas THANG y'all wouldn't understand.

Texans love our Texas Longhorns, Texas Aggies, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers ... both the ball team and the guy's (and gals) who wear the badge.

The first hamburger was made in Athens, Texas and the first French Fries were fried in Paris, Texas.  Thus the name "French" fries.

Texas is home to 4 U.S. Presidents.  Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon b Johnson, George H. Bush and George W. Bush.

Texas has the most unique shape of any state or country in the world. Adults and children alike all over the world know Texas when they see it.  For a male Texans, Texas' shape is as lovely as a full figured female.

Being a Texan isn't something ... it's everything!

In Texas we love our world famous Tex-Mex food,   our fresh Gulf Coast seafood, and we have the best Barbeque in the whole world.  If you don't believe us ... just ask us .. we'll tell you so!

John Travolta was once asked if he ever used his private jet to fly somewhere for a dinner.  He said, " Yes. If I want lobster I go to Maine. If I want Mexican Food I fly to Houston Texas!"

No other state was a country before it was a state and no other state is loved by it's citizens as much as Texas.

Texas is derived from the Indian word Tejas which means "friendly".

The Texas way is to be friendly, polite and courteous.  In Texas we still teach our children to say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am.

Texans love, protect, and adore their women as well as spoil their children. All the while demanding love, hard work, but most of all... RESPECT.

Texans honor their parents and grand parents.

When Texans speak to their Aunts and Uncles, we say Aunt so-n-so or Uncle so-n-so.

Children say Mr., Miss, or Mrs.

Texans believe GOD is GOD and the rightful FATHER of our country.  Texans also believe that GOD made Texas last so he could take a little bit of everywhere and put it right here!

Texans attend church on Sunday, believe in One Nation Under GOD, In GOD We Trust and our mother's are saints (even though some aren't).  Our Dad's hung the moon and he take down if he wants!

People all over the world have romanticized Texas and Texans. They believe we all wear cowboy hats, blue jeans and boots (Many still do!), we all ride our horses to work (not likely- but horse stealing is still a hanging offense) and we all have an oil well in our back yard (That's not an oil well - that's a grease spot from working on our pick-up!).

The truth is the largest oil distribution company was  founded and is based in Texas and 3 of he largest computer companies is founded and based in Texas.

In Texas you are either born here are you wish you were.

Those that weren't born here got here as fast as they could.

Sam Houston, the General that captured Santa Anna,  the first President of the Republic of Texas and Governor of the State of Texas, on his death bed, speaking to his wife, spoke his last words, " Texas Margaret, Texas..."

By C.E. White

Hurry! It's not too late!
You can be a Naturalized Texan!
All you have to do is get here!

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